Security Films

Security Films

The aim of security film is to deter thieves from breaking into your home, office or shop.

While it is impossible to stop glass from breaking, security film will make it more difficult to gain entry. The film does this by holding the glass together, meaning it will take the thief much longer to smash their way through.

 safety window film home office  safety window film home office

Security film comes in varying grades of thickness – called “mil”. The thicker the film, the more resistance it will provide.

8mil security film is a great option if you are looking to increase the security in your home and could reduce your insurance premiums, if you are living in a high risk area.

If it’s your office or retail space that you are looking to protect, Window Tinting Solutions offers thicker films to give you greater peace of mind.

Case Study –

A local school recently updated their computers. Within a couple of weeks of getting their new equipment, the school was broken into and the computers stolen. The thieves gained access through the weakest point – the windows. Once they had smashed the glass, it was easy to slip through into the computer lab and walk straight out the door with the stolen computers.

We applied 10mil security film to the windows on the computer lab. It’s been 10 months, and the school has not had another break in attempt.

The latest innovation in security film installation is the “No Bar Anchoring System” (link to fact sheet on USB).The No Bar Anchoring System is used in conjunction with 12 mil security film (300 micron) to make your windows significantly stronger and harder to break.
It suits most window frames, doors and skylights and is recommended for:

  • High risk sites such as embassies, airports and military bases
  • Storefronts and shopping centres with a high risk of break-in or vandalism

As the No Bar Anchoring System will resist repeated blows by baseball bats, steel bars or bricks it is the perfect solution for shopfronts, service stations, bottle shops or shopping centres with a high risk of break in or vandalism.

Window Tinting Solutions is one of 5 qualified installers of the No Bar Anchoring System Australia wide.

Even if your frames are not suitable for the No Bar Anchoring System, we still have security film options for you.
The Structural Silicon Dow Corning 995 solution is your alternative option. This offers extra perimeter protection around the glass, as opposed to applying security film directly to the glass, making it more difficult to smash through.

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