Boost Your Cash & Energy Savings With Window Tinting & More!

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Boost Your Cash & Energy Savings With Window Tinting & More!

Window tinting could be your solution for easing the effects of the cost of living crisis on your building. While it may seem like a small change to make, it can have long-lasting benefits for you and your home or office, particularly when it comes to your energy bills.

Can Window Tinting Reduce Heat?: The Science Behind Those Savings

Depending on your property’s positioning, how many windows it has, the size of those windows, and what your building is made from, you could be looking at some big savings when it comes to keeping your space cool. This is because when you tint the windows of your property, it reduces the amount of heat and light that enter your home.

How much is blocked will depend on the tint you choose but, regardless, it will likely be enough for you to notice on your next energy bill. In fact, you’ll find that with your house windows tinted, the inside is more likely to stay at a consistently comfortable temperature throughout the day and into the evening.

5 More Reasons for Why Window Tinting Is a Good Idea

When you get your house or office’s windows tinted, you’re not just saving money and energy. You’re actually going to be enjoying a whole host of other benefits, like:

1. Improved privacy: Tinted windows make it harder to see inside your property, so you can relax in private without worrying about passersby having a look in.

2. Improved security: Along with that boost in privacy, you’re also helping to protect your home and possessions. If it’s difficult to see into a property, it can be a deterrent for potential thieves, whether by reducing temptation by keeping your valuables hidden or making it difficult for them to ascertain what other security measures are in place.

3. Reduced glare on screens: Whether you’re watching your favourite show or trying to get some work done, glare on your screen can be extremely frustrating, not to mention bad for your eyes. Tinted windows minimise this, however.

4. Reduced sun damage to furnishings: Sick of your fabrics and furnishing fading? Rather than moving them out of the sunlight, tinted windows can ensure that they aren’t exposed to those harmful UV rays.

5. Improved home value: With all of these great benefits, you can also expect your home’s value to increase as a result.

Maximise Your Savings With These 4 Passive Cooling Tricks

If you’re ready to get your windows tinted, we’ve got a few other passive cooling tips for you to make sure you save even more when it comes to cooling your home.

1. Maximise shading: Spend some time in the garden and plant trees and shrubs to provide natural shade and stop direct sunlight from reaching your home. This will also give you additional privacy and encourage native wildlife to come visit, keeping you company.

2. Allow for natural ventilation: A cool cross-breeze and air circulating around your home can help make it feel less stuffy. So, open doors and windows to let the air into your space. Keeping them open at night too can help to really cool things off for the next day.

3. Upgrade your insulation: Insulating technology has come a long way in a short time. If your house gets really hot, getting fresh insulation can be just the thing. While this can be a bit more expensive than other solutions, it pays for itself in the long run.

4. Try reflective or cool roofing: There’s a number of roofing materials now available that reflect sunlight and/or absorb less heat, helping to minimise heat gain in your home. Something as simple as having a light-coloured roof can do a world of difference.

Start Saving Today With Quality Glass Tinting in Melbourne

Whether you’re after commercial window tinting or something for a residential property, Window Tinting Solutions is here to help. We’ll endeavour to provide you with a top-tier tinting solution that helps you save on energy bills and keep your home cool in the warmer months.

For all your window tinting needs in Melbourne and the surrounding areas, be sure to get in touch today!

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