Safety Film

Safety Film

Safety film is a cost effective window tinting solution for homes, childcare centres, kindergartens, schools, community centres and family day care.

It is a clear film applied to the inside surface of glass. While it will not prevent the glass from breaking, it holds the glass together upon impact helping to protect your children from the dangers of broken glass, minimising the risk of injury.

Safety film will protect a child who falls into a window or glass door or kicks a football/ball through a window.It has the added benefit of upgrading glass to meet Australian Safety Standards without the costly expense of replacing old glass with safety glass. You will also be provided with a certificate from Window Tinting Solutions confirming that your glass is now up to code, satisfying council requirements.

Safety film is a must whenever children are involved. If you are unsure about the safety of your glass, contact our expert team for a free appraisal.

Case Study – Safety at Local Kindergartens

A recent safety evaluation in North West Melbourne identified that a number of kindergartens were not up to code, due to the 3mil float glass used. The cost of replacing glass would have been in the tens of thousands of dollars. Instead Window Tinting Solutions was able to apply safety film in 12 kindergartens for a fraction of the cost.

Case Study – Family Day Care

Lee and his wife were looking to establish a family day care business to allow Lee’s wife to work, while still being the primary carer of their 2 children. Their local council advised that as an added safety measure to have safety film applied to the windows where the children would play. This would ensure that if a window was broken, the threat of glass shards would be greatly reduced.

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